2017/2018 Cosmic Consciousness Certification Course


Cosmic Consciousness Certification Course

STARTS November 20, 2017


Cosmic Consciousness is the New Astrology

Learn all there is to know about:

The New Cosmic Consciousness System

The Cosmic Clock

The new 5D Planets, and the 5D application to ALL the planets

Interpret Your Own Chart


  • TUITION: $2825 in full or $350 deposit and $225/month for 11 months…
    (other payment options are available upon request).
  • **Early Bird special- Get $150 off the registration fee if you register before October 4th!

Offer Professional Readings or Learn all about your Self.

  • Invest in your higher Self and study with Stephanie Azaria for this intensive yearlong certification program.  No prior astrology background is required.  Weekly webinars allow for participation from anywhere in the world.

StephanieAzaria23@gmail.com for more information.

*This New class begins on September 27, 2017 with a prerequisite adjunct 8 week course, a 5D Chakra Calibratrion Series offered by Christine Clemmer. (Separate Fee and registration)  Contact Ccaquarius@yahoo.com


End of the Wormhole/Fall Equinox Live Webinar with Stephanie Azaria

End of the Wormhole/Fall Equinox Live Webinar
With Stephanie Azaria

Friday, September 22, 2017 7-8:30pm EDT


It’s a time of unprecedented transition, from one dimension to another, from one world to the next. We are all here by choice to experience this moment in the human story, and more importantly, to fully realize that we are creating it as we go.

Join Stephanie as she channels her cosmic consciousness and offers the big picture, which reveals that we are being delivered to unity consciousness. Everything you need to know about all the planets (including 5D) will be offered. There’s so much to share.

It is preferable to be on the live call, but it isn’t necessary. You will automatically receive the MP4 with your registration.

Exchange: $33

*Once you register you will receive an email with instructions for accessing the live webinar. Please follow those instructions right away, don’t wait till the last minute. If you don’t intend to be on the live call, there’s nothing you need to do. The MP4 will be emailed to you as soon as it’s ready.

*PLEASE BE SURE YOUR EMAIL IS CORRECT WHEN YOU REGISTER. If it isn’t you will not receive the MP4. You will receive your copy of the webinar at the email you use to register, so please make note of which one you’re using.



SATURDAY, JULY 22, 2017     12NOON – 2PM EDT

The two eclipses that are coming up in August are generating a rather long worm hole. Stephanie offers up her Cosmic Consciousness around the events of the summer, and discusses the worldly and spiritual implications of the upcoming Particle Convergence, which is a total soular eclipse, affecting the United States in its entirety. The worm hole will be active for two full months. Join Stephanie and learn all you need to know about these life altering events.

You don’t have to be on the call to receive the MP4, but please do join in on the Satsang (Group Consciousness).

Exchange: $30

*PLEASE NOTE: The confirmation email will be sent immediately.  Check spam if you don’t receive it. You want to be sure to get your login information in a timely manner in order to be able to access the live call!


Stephanie Azaria’s 2017 SUMMER SOLSTICE WEBINAR



During the thirty years since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, the Divine Feminine has reestablished her presence and is slowly but surely being resurrected to her true level of empowerment. This Summer of 2017  features many unprecedented events, including a  series of eclipses, producing an unusually long worm hole that is being called the Particle Convergence… the complete reunification of the Divine Feminine within each and every one of us. And of course, this inner transformation yields a whole new world.

Join Stephanie for her annual Summer Solstice presentation, as she discusses the state of the cosmos, including the current life altering Light Bridges, special eclipses, a Mercury retrograde journey that produces yet another Light Bridge, and so much more, all from the 5D perspective.

You don’t have to be on the live call, you will receive the MP4 automatically with your registration. But there’s nothing like the group communion, so please join in!

Exchange: $30

Stephanie Azaria’s 2017 Summer Retreat in Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury, England!

Chalice Wells Retreat is Sold Out but Please Join us in Remote Attendance!

Stephanie Azaria’s 2017 Summer Retreat:

Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury, England!


August 19 – 25, 2017


Please join me for the most exciting retreat I have ever had the privilege of facilitating. We will have Chalice Well Gardens to our Selves, which allows us to thoroughly explore this sublime sacred land. 3 days will be spent traveling to various sacred sites. We will also meditate and share in Satsang in the breathtaking setting of Chalice Well Gardens, which is infused with the energies of Magdalene and Yeshua,  for the remainder of our stay.

We will be there for the great eclipse on August 21, already being called the Particle Convergence, which will bring to a grand reunification all the parts of our long separated consciousness. We will take a special road trip to a sacred site to do some important Light work and share first hand in this event. We will also spontaneously visit crop circles that tend to appear at that time of year. Midweek we will take a whimsical one day tour of Chalice Well and Glastonbury known as the Magical Mystery Tour.

The retreat includes accommodations at Chalice Well, and most of our meals will be served there too. (There will be a couple of dinners outside the grounds). Transportation will be provided from and back to Heathrow Airport, and to all the sacred sites we will visit.


The exchange for the retreat is $1995, which includes all of the above (except for 2 outside dinners and airfare to London).

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your space. Space is limited to 16 people. Please be sure you are committed to this amazing experience, because I promise it will be a life-altering journey.

The balance of $1495 will be due in full by July 15.

Upon your registration, a much more detailed itinerary filled with all the information you’ll need will be sent to you.

*Sorry, single occupancy is not available at Chalice Well.

I was on a wait list for this retreat for more than two years, and it promises to be a most powerful journey that is worth waiting for. The timing of our visit is no coincidence. We have amazing Light work to do!

Remote Attendance Available!

$55 to participate by remote attendance in THE ECLIPSE CEREMONY on August 21.  This eclipse is being called the ‘particle convergence.’

$100 to participate by remote attendance in The Eclipse Ceremony PLUS the rest of the retreat, focusing on the Magdalene (and Yeshua) energies that are reemerging at this time to balance the original Male-Female Self.






Monday March 20, 2017

7-8:30pm EDT

These are powerfully transformational times. Humanity is awakening and the planet her Self is ascending. The journey from separation to Unity is not a comfortable one, but it is certainly exciting and rewarding in some of the most unexpected ways.

Please join me for a brand new Webinar that outlines all the important Cosmic Consciousness for the season ahead. The webinar will include many charts and visual aids to help make it all crystal clear.

The energy is most powerful on the live call, but registration will get you the MP4 whether you can join in live or not.







With Divine Channels, Healers & Teachers Stephanie Azaria Ray Rolando

To many, the Earth has gone dark. As world affairs “appear” to leave the planet divided, governed by those who, on the surface, choose separation and walls to attempt to improve relations, many people, even lightworkers, have been left holding the proverbial bag and asking, “What has happened to our planet? This cannot be the path.” To this, we say, “Not so fast.”

It is time to truly learn what the dark is, how to effectively utilize it, and thereby manifest creations of love and light in dark times. ~ Master St. Germain

Please join Ray and Stephanie as they come together for a unique & powerful teleconference Q&A event where they will deliver the tools necessary to do just as St. Germain suggests. They will channel Cosmic Wisdom from the Ascended Masters and Archangels, to answer your questions and bring you the experience of real and positive transformation.

The Councils of Light are always at hand to assist you. They are here for all of us, to facilitate humanity’s evolution back to the ONENESS. As we enter these powerful times of transformation and uncertainty together, bring forth your questions and KNOW that you will absolutely receive what you need at this time. Come, sit with them, feel them, and be guided and touched by them and their Cosmic Wisdom.

This event will consist of Divine Channeling and high vibrational Cosmic teachings. We look forward to the honor and privilege of serving each of you in this unique way.

Stephanie and Ray will intuit which questions will be responded to and in what order.   

Exchange: $40 

Please be sure to enter your questions in the appropriate section on the registration form. You can access your Call-in number and PIN once registered AND payment is complete   

For further information, feel free to call/email Colby at 845-637-5191 or colby@rayrolando.com, or email Stephanie at StephanieAzaria23@gmail.com.





With Stephanie Azaria

Wednesday December 21, 2016 at 7pm EST

winter solstice webinar

2017 begins on the Winter Solstice, and the year ahead is positively the year of the Great Awakening.

2016 was a year that required great courage and Faith, and the year ahead brings another work in progress. Yet we have come so far, and we know now what to do with the more uncomfortable energies that necessarily abound at this time. 2017 is a ‘1’ year, a year of entirely new beginnings, and that means change.  Change can be difficult or it can be exciting, and it’s all a matter of perspective. Stephanie will provide a clear and conscious structure for the entire year ahead, to assist in the choices that bring the greatest transformation.

Click Here to Register: Registration will reserve your MP4, whether you are on the live call or not.

Exchange: $30 

2017 Creacon Cosmic Consciousness Playshop



February 20 – 26, 2017

picture1Partake of a week of interactive lectures, meditations, and Satsang at Stephanie’s  home away from home, Creacon Prema Agni Wellness Center, one of the world’s most magical spiritual retreats, created by Spiritual Teacher, Derek O’Neill. There is nowhere on earth so beneficial to the soul as Creacon. Come and experience it, and find your Self there. 

The playshops during the week will focus on your own birth chart using the new Cosmic Consciousness system, which Stephanie has spent the last seven years expanding from an original outline delivered to the planet by the Ascended Masters. This is the new astrology for the Golden Age.  Even if you don’t know a lot about astrology, you will learn a great deal about your Self.

The week will feature 10 interactive lectures or meditations, 2 hours each, Monday through Friday, 10am – noon, and 2:30 – 4:30pm. Some of those will be Satsangs, facilitated by Stephanie. A syllabus will be sent out in early February for those who are registered.

Patment/Exchange:  A  $750 non refundable deposit/payment (or 700 Euros), payable to Stephanie upon registration.

The balance of your stay is payable to Creacon Wellness Center when you leave.

The cost is as follows:

For a shared room (2 per room): E120 per night($127). (6 nights = E720, or $760)

For a single room: E150 per night ($159). (6 nights = E900 or $960)

This exchange includes your room and breakfast lunch and dinner, and does NOT include your airfare (into Dublin Airport). There are other costs, such as transportation to the Wellness Center from the airport, and the coffee/tea bar.

 (If you will not be staying at Creacon, then the exchange of 700 Euros will be the total charge for the week of Cosmic playshops, payable to Stephanie, plus the cost of any meals you have while at the center, and the coffee/tea bar tab.)

A $750 deposit is required. It is non-refundable and due upon registration to process your space. Creacon only has room for about 15 of us, so it is first come first serve.   All Payment will be made through PayPal. 

Please contact me at StephanieAzaria@aol.com for more details and to register. 

This is a special and rare opportunity to spend some time at a very sacred space, and I hope you will join me! What is there to think about?

*more specific information about flights and other details will be provided upon registration.


Sorry, there’s no more room in Stephanie’s Astrochat on Saturday.. But you can email her to set up a private session…And check back here at TheCosmicPath.com for news of her next visit.


Saturday, November 12, 2016

6:30 – 10:00pm PDT

Studio City, CA.

picture1This event will be held at Studio City, CA. The address will be sent to you upon registration.


Stephanie Azaria travels worldwide creating this cosmic gathering, to offer those who attend a conscious observer’s perspective on what’s happening in the world today and a glimpse into each attendee’s personal birth chart to remind you of your higher purpose and how your soul has chosen to participate in these times of major transmutation.

Everyone will receive a copy of their birth chart with all the new 5D planets included, and a mini reading at the event.

After you make your payment, be sure to include your birth data, as requested in the follow-up registration email, and a very accurate email address, so Stephanie can send you a chart to print out and bring with you.

These are exciting times. Let’s gather in Satsang and share the energy!