• November 7, 2016 - October 23, 2017
    8:00 am - 8:30 pm

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To discover your Cosmic Self

The moment has arrived to become a participant in Stephanie Azaria’s upcoming Cosmic Consciousness Certification Course beginning September 13, 2016*.  This 15 month intensive program is designed to immerse you in the new Cosmic Consciousness System, using a 5D approach to astrology to realize your Cosmic Self, gain higher ground, and become a 5D practitioner.

There’s nothing else like it anywhere.This is your opportunity to learn directly from the Master Teacher and original creator of this profound cutting edge system.


Stephanie Azaria is a highly respected astrologer whose pioneering spirit has led her to work with the symbols and power of astrology in unprecedented ways. Stephanies lifetime of astrological study (beginning at the age of 9) and her devoted journey to the spiritual Path (beginning in her teens), has produced a whole new approach to the astrological chart, which she calls Cosmic Consciousness. Her teachings are designed to bring each of her students into alignment with the new consciousness that humanity has accessed during the course of the last 25 years.


Stephanie’s mastery at interpreting a chart is very consciously combined with her considerable intuitive abilities. She developed her natural talent for channeling the higher perspective over the past forty plus years and she has studied the science and art of Astrology with some of the greatest minds in the field, including Martin Schulman and Michael Lutin.


Stephanie has been developing this entirely new astrological system, which the Ascended Masters call the Astrology for the Golden Age, for 8 years and it is still unfolding. It is her Self-proclaimed mission to assist in humanitys  awakening to the higher Self and ultimately to attain ascension. She believes that every student who hears the call is a part of the conscious deliverance of this new Astrology to the planet. Stephanie is a devoted Light worker and Spiritual Teacher and is committed to spending her life in service to Source.


In this 1+ year comprehensive program, you will:

  • learn the Cosmic Consciousness System of 5D Astrology

  • discover the true meaning of a birth chart from a 5D perspective

  • learn how to read and interpret your own unique birth chart for deeper understanding and awakening of your higher Self

  • become certified to offer professional readings to others


**PLEASE NOTE: This year there is a prerequisite adjunct to the Certification Process. It is an 8 week class, offered by Christine Clemmer, Master Facilitator of 5D calibration,  thats designed to awaken and align your lower 4 body system through each of the chakras. This course is essential because it facilitates the shift from 3D to 5D consciousness at the cellular level, and it prepares the student to receive the Cosmic Consciousness teachings. This series of classes is part 1 of the 5 part certification course, and it begins on Tuesday evening, Sept 13, running for 8 consecutive weeks. The Certification course will then begin on Monday November 7th. (There is a separate charge for this adjunct class, and once you register for the CC course, you will be contacted by Christine to get registered for it).


No prior astrology experience required.  The Cosmic Consciousness system of 5D Astrology is quite different than any other system. Having a beginner’s mind is the absolute best place to start, no matter what your background is.

Study from anywhere in the world.  The class consists of weekly webinars that allow the participants to literally connect from anywhere.

Experience personal transformation as you learn.  Stephanie teaches by using the students’ charts for real working examples every week.  Learn to interpret your own chart, and in doing so, discover the truth of who you really are, and the limitlessness of your potential.

Meet other light workers and like minded truth seekers from across the globe.  The weekly webinars are interactive, so you will come to know the same familiar voices each week, and intimately discover their unique charts too.  It’s always amazing to see the connections that are made.

Study on your own between classes.  You will receive an MP3 each week from the webinar, and will have ongoing homework to support you in integrating what you’re learning, step by step.


*Upon successful completion of the program, students will become Certified by Stephanie Azaria to offer professional readings using the Cosmic Consciousness System of 5D Astrology.  At that time, you may also choose the unique opportunity to further your studies with Stephanie to become a Certified Facilitator of The Cosmic Path of Initiations. You can also go on to become a participant in Stephanie’s Master Class, which is held once a month, and dives into deeper, more complex facets of the new system. 


Invest in the expansion of your higher consciousness, deliver your self to your Self, activate your cosmic perspective and tap into your limitless potential.


If your heart hears the call, respond and claim your seat in the Cosmic Consciousness Certification course for 2016/2017.


If you have questions, email Stephanie directly at StephanieAzaria23@gmail.com


AFFORDABLE PAYMENT STRUCTURE:  2 tuition options are available for the Certification class:

$2300 in 1 payment before the September 5th start date (savings of $200)


$300 deposit at the time of registration to hold your space and

$200/month for 11 months (beginning in November 2016)

$30 Purchase Individual Webinar mp4’s CLICK HERE


The Chakra Calibration Course is payable to Christine Clemmer, and is $295 if you pay for all 8 classes at once, or two monthly payment of $160. Visit www.christineclemmer.com or email Christine at  ccaquarius@yahoo.com